Malahat First Nation Signs LNG Deal

The Malahat First Nation announced on Thursday that it will develop a liquefied natural gas facility in partnership with Steelhead LNG.  The project is a floating liquefied natural gas processing plant to be located in Saanich Inlet. 

In July, the Malahat First Nation purchased 525 hectares of land around Bamerton which it has long considered part of its traditional territory.  Rather than engage in a lengthy court challenge over Aboriginal Title, the Malahat decided to make the purchase, a process which took approximately one year to finalize.   Financing was secured through the First Nations Finance Authority.  This gave the Malahat clear title to the land and enabled the project to move forward. 

It is believed that this project will create 200 long-term jobs in addition to the jobs that will be created constructing the facility and associated infrastructure.  This dual-benefit of long-term jobs in addition to initial construction jobs has become a hallmark of successful First Nations–Industry partnerships throughout British Columbia.  Integrating First Nation businesses and individuals into the supply chain helps to ensure that benefits are spread throughout communities.

Actual construction on the project is still several years away, and opponents of LNG have stated that they will challenge the deal as the regulatory process moves forward.  Nevertheless, the purchase of the lands by the Malahat and the economic opportunities from the LNG deal make this a unique study in First Nations economic development.

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