PBLI's Family Law 2021: Faculty Speakers Involved in Landmark Polyamorous Family Decision

The British Columbia Supreme Court has filled a gap in the law regarding parentage declaration for a child born to a polyamorous triad. In British Columbia Birth Registration No. 2018-XX-XX5815, 2021 BCSC 767, the court recognized that all three adults involved in a committed polyamorous relationship could be registered as parents of a child conceived by sexual intercourse between two of them.

This important decision gives all three adults full legal rights as parents and represents another step in the right direction for recognition of non-traditional family building. Formerly, British Columbia’s Family Law Act only recognized the possibility of a child having more than two parents where the child was conceived through assisted reproduction, and not if the child was conceived through sexual intercourse. A full summary of the facts, arguments and decision in this matter can be found at https://www.shebbearelaw.com/bc-court-recognizes-third-legal-parent-in-polyamorous-family/.

Catherine J. Wong of Saltwater Law, Zara Suleman of Suleman Family Law and Monique Shebbeare of Monique Shebbeare Law Corporation each acted for one of the three adults in this matter and will all be joining PBLI on June 3rd, 2021 for our 2021 Family Law Program, “Family Is As Family Does – Evolving Family Forms”.

This year’s program brings together leading practitioners recognized for their unique expertise in the progressive areas of fertility and reproductive law, family creation, LGBT2Q+ rights and relationships, and the evolving form of families. Join us for an engaging day of discussions designed to inspire an inclusive and informed modern family law practice. This program is not to be missed and will provide discussions relevant to lawyers of all levels advising on family law and estate law matters, family law arbitrators and mediators, family service providers, and government officials and employees engaged in family matters. Further information and registration details can be found at www.pbli.com/1664.

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