1. Pauline Cusack

Pauline Cusack

Founder, Owner & Strategic Advisor

T: 604-730-2521
E: pmc@pbli.com

2. Camille Israël

Camille Israël

Director of Programming

T: 604-742-8193
E: camille@pbli.com

4. Angela Zhou

Angela Zhou

Director of Technical Operations and DBA

T: 604-742-8198
E: angela@pbli.com

5. Jessica Chan

Jessica Chan

Director of Event Operations

T: 604-742-8192
E: jessica@pbli.com

6. Jewely Schmitke

Jewely Schmitke

Office Manager

T: 604-730-2500
E: admin@pbli.com

7. Gerdoo


Branch Manager