Welcome and Introduction by PBLI


Chair's Welcome and Introduction


Nancy J. Cameron, Q.C.



Keynote: Providing Access to Justice in Family Law and Thinking Outside the Box


The Honourable Chief Justice Robert J. Bauman


 A view from the judiciary on the importance of innovation in the family bar, such as unbundling legal services, in order to ensure access to justice and an effective and efficient legal system.



Questions and Discussion


Panel: Unbundling Legal Services in Family Law: Making It Work for Lawyers and Clients


Zahra H. Jimale

Jimale Law Corp.


Laurel Dietz

Alinea Legal Coaching


Jane Morley, Q.C.

Restorative Solutions


  • How to make unbundling work for you and your clients
  • Practical tips from practitioners



Questions and Discussion


Refreshment Adjournment


Negotiating Property Distribution in an Uncertain Regime


Scott L. Booth

Jenkins Marzban Logan LLP


  • Where are we with excluded property?
  • Tips for negotiating and settling complex excluded property claims
  • Addressing significant unfairness



Questions and Discussion


Networking Lunch


Preparing for and Conducting Mediation


Meghan J. Selinger

Hamilton Fabbro


Anna Silver

Hamilton Fabbro


  • Maximizing opportunities for settlement: preparing yourself and your client in advance of the mediation
  • Bringing value to the table: advocating for your client in mediation
  • Papering the deal: options for recording settlement



Questions and Discussion

   1:55 Drafting Agreements under the Family Law Act
  Beatrice C. McCutcheon

Cook Roberts LLP


  • Drafting tips for pre-relationship agreements and separation agreements
  • Documenting procedural fairness and addressing significant unfairness
  • Making pre-relationship agreements that contemplate changes to the Family Law Act or its interpretation


   2:35 Questions and Discussion
   2:45 Refreshment Adjournment
   3:00 Family Conceptions: Family Making under Part 3 of the Family Law Act

Zara Suleman

Suleman Family Law


A review of who can become "legal parents" under the Family Law Act with a focus on children conceived through assisted reproduction and a discussion of new and emerging family making models and potential challenges



Questions and Discussion


Panel: Voices of Children of Divorce: Lessons to Date from the BC Family Justice Innovation Lab's Voices of Youth Initiative


Rahul Aggarwal

Clean Divorce, Collaborative Family Law & Mediation


Janko Predovic

Predovic Family Law & Mediation


  • Why do we need the voices of youth in family justice reform?
  • How can human-centered design provide meaningful youth engagement?
  • Some early learning from the Youth Voices narrative workshop



Questions and Discussion


Chair's Closing Remarks - Program Concludes