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Chair's Welcome and Introduction


Murray Campbell

Lawson Lundell LLP



The Keys to Being an Effective Pension and Benefit Plan Trustee: Trustee Responsibilities and Trustee Protection


John Smith

Lawson Lundell LLP


  • What is a trust?
  • Trust law as it applies to pension and benefit plans
  • Trustee's duties
  • Liability for other trustees' actions
  • Use of professional advisors
  • Protecting trustees



Questions and Discussion


Refreshment Adjournment


Recent Legal Developments


Murray Campbell

Lawson Lundell LLP


  • Latest pension and benefits case law



Questions and Discussion


The Enhancement of the Canada Pension Plan


Rosalind Gilbert

AON Hewitt Canada


  • Overview of CPP enhancements in effect as of January 2019
  • Implications of integrating the enhanced CPP for pensions plans
  • What are Canadian pension plans doing?



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Networking Lunch


Mental Health: The Pillars of Support


Rochelle Morandini

Morneau Shepell


  • What should Joint Trusteed Plans have in place to mitigate the personal and financial impact of mental illness on members and plan costs?
  • Does your plan have the right resources in place to support your members with mental illness?
  • What should you Trustees expect or consider with respect to the disability and extended health benefits for members coping and/or recovering from mental illness?
  • New supports and resources



Questions and Discussion


Refreshment Adjournment


Privacy and Recordkeeping Obligations for Pension & Benefit Plans

Lisa Chamzuk

Lawson Lundell LLP


  • Application of provincial and federal privacy legislation to pension and benefit plans
  • Creation, management, retention and destruction of records (personal and business related) by pension and benefit plans
  • Current issues



Questions and Discussion

   3:35 The UBC Staff Pension Plan: A Case Study

Orla Cousineau

UBC Staff Pension Plan


  • An in-depth look at the UBC Staff Pension Plan


  4:20 Questions and Discussion
  4:30 Networking Reception Sponsored by Lawson Lundell LLP