Agenda - April 21st, 2020


Welcome and Introduction by PBLI


Chair's Welcome and Introduction


Lorne MacLean, Q.C. 

MacLean Family Law 



Retirement After Grey Divorce


Georgialee A. Lang

Attorney and Arbitrator


  • Planning for retirement, early retirement
  • Pensions, benefits, double dipping
  • Living off capital
  • Repartnering



Questions and Discussion


Refreshment Adjournment


Joint Tenancies, Advancements and Trusts


Nicholas Davies

MacLean Family Law


  • Trust matters involving parents, children and spouses
  • Resulting trusts
  • Gifts



Questions and Discussion


Remarriage, Adult Children and Estate Issues


Andrea E. Frisby

Legacy Tax + Trust Lawyers


  • Adult children's interest in a parent's estate
  • Marriage agreements and estate planning
  • Beneficial interest of spouses to trusts created by third parties



Questions and Discussion


Networking Lunch


Large Property Settlements and High Net Worth Parties


Lorne MacLean, Q.C.

MacLean Family Law


  • Special considerations for high net worth divorces
  • Entitlement in large property awards
  • High income spousal and child support awards
  • Tax issues in international divorces



Questions and Discussion


Refreshment Adjournment


Common Law Spouses and Separation: the Beginning, the Middle and the End

Candace Cho

Onyx Law Group


  • Spouses under the Family Law Act and the Wills, Estates and Succession Act
  • Evidence for or against a common law relationship
  • Common law separation, termination and estate questions
  • Tips for documenting beginnings and endings, solving disputes over date of cohabitation and date of separation



Questions and Discussion


Dealing with International Assets

Cléa Amundsen

Kitsilano Family Law


  • International assets in divorce and separation
  • Judicial disputes
  • Injunctions and methods for protecting property: Mareva injunctions, Anton Pillar orders, security for overseas property


   4:35 Questions and Discussion
   4:45 Chair's Closing Remarks 
   4:50 Program Concludes