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Beginning of program - COVID-19 and Indigenous Communities

   3:00 End of program

 Issues facing Indigenous communities in Canada as a result of COVID-19, which include:

1) Band Governance in the Pandemic
     - Elections and Terms of Office (Indian Act, First Nations Election Act, Modern Day                     Treaties)
     - Continuity of Government
     - Band Council Procedures
     - Interruption of Tax Revenues

2) Emergency Measures During the Pandemic
     - Statutory Basis (Indian Act, First Nations Land Management Act, Modern Day Treaties)
     - Inherent jurisdiction
     - Safety Measures on Reserve
     - Banning or Limiting Access to Reserves
     - Issues arising from resource projects

3) Aboriginal Employers and Employment Issues
     - Health and Safety of Employees
     - Back to Work Protocols

4) Courts and Consultation
     - Court Closures and Limitation Periods
     - Emergency hearings
     - Virtual hearings
     - TMX and Other Major Projects
     - Capacity constraints in consultation
     - Effects on Agreements with Resource Companies