Welcome and Introduction by PBLI


Chair's Welcome and Introduction


Deidre J. Herbert

McLellan Herbert



Long-Term Care in the Time of COVID-19: From Frontlines to Reform


Laura Tamblyn Watts



  • The crisis in long-term care in the time of COVID-19 across Canada (Lynn Valley and other examples)
  • How we got here where we are now, and how we can fix long-term care in the future
  • Practical steps for reform
  • Federal/provincial alignment, commissions and enquiries



Questions and Discussion


Morning Break


Health Care Consent and Capacity Assessment Tribunals


Gregory G. Blue, Q.C.

British Columbia Law Institute


  • How capacity assessment tribunals work
  • Challenging assessments of mental incapacity
  • BCLI project status/findings



Questions and Discussion


Powers of Attorney and Representation Agreements


Andrea E. Frisby

Legacy Tax + Trust Lawyers


  • Advance planning matters
  • Drafting tips
  • Challenges of online execution of POAs and representation agreements



Questions and Discussion


Lunch Break


Fraud and Abuse Against Seniors


Detective Tammy Hammell

Vancouver Police Department


  • Preventing and addressing elder abuse and neglect
  • Scams and financial exploitation of seniors



Questions and Discussion


Afternoon Break


Multiculturalism in Elder Law


Isobel Mackenzie

Office of the Seniors Advocate BC


  • Cultural sensitivity and awareness
  • Identifying and navigating cultural norms when assisting senior clients



Questions and Discussion


Medical Assistance in Dying

Dr. Stefanie Green

Solace BC


  • The current landscape of MAiD in BC
  • The Delta Hospice Society and religious objections to MAiD


   4:00 Chair's Closing Remarks - Program Concludes