Agenda - October 21st, 2021


Welcome and Introduction by PBLI


Chair's Welcome and Introduction


Rebecca Morse

Farris LLP



Construction, Interpretation and Rectification of Wills


Roselle Wu

Harper Grey LLP


Erin Hatch

Harper Grey LLP


  • Common issues in construction and interpretation of wills
  • Rectification after the fact - section 59 of WESA



Questions and Discussion


Challenges to Validity


Amanda Winters

Farris LLP


  • Appropriate use of Notice of Dispute
  • Capacity
  • Undue influence



Questions and Discussion


Morning Break


What Is and Is Not a Will - Section 58 Matters


Geoffrey White

Geoffrey W. White Law Corporation/Clark Wilson LLP


  • Is it a will or not?
  • Case law update on s. 58 of WESA



Questions and Discussion


Lunch Break


Wills Variation


Gordon Behan

Clark Wilson LLP


  • Who has standing to complain and who is a "spouse"
  • Case law update on wills variation matters



Questions and Discussion


Removing a Trustee or Executor


Aubrie Girou

Alexander Holbrn Beaudin + Lang LLP


  • General principles
  • What are the confines of a fully discretionary "trust"?



Questions and Discussion


Afternoon Break


Claims By or Against the Estate

Rebecca Morse

Farris LLP


  • Seeking leave under section 151 of WESA
  • Clawing assets back - resulting trusts & unconscionable procurement
  • Tying your hands - agreement to bequeath and anticipatory breach
  • Unjust enrichment


   4:00 Questions and Discussion
   4:10 Passing Accounts

Ken Vimalesan

Legacy Tax + Trust Lawyers


  • The obligation to pass accounts
  • The form of accounts
  • Procedure and practice
  • Substantive issues on a passing of accounts


   4:55 Questions and Discussion
   5:05 Chair's Closing Remarks - Program Concludes