Andrea Akelaitis, Partner, Letcher Akelaitis LLP, Vancouver, BC. Ms. Akelaitis has acted as advisor and co-counsel on many of British Columbia’s contaminated sites matters including before the Environmental Appeal Board on behalf of the successful party in Seaspan ULC v. Director, Environmental Management Act and Domtar Inc. et al (May 9, 2013). Ms. Akelaitis works in air and odour management regulatory issues and in a range of issues related to recycling and waste management. She acted as co-counsel in the leading Canadian odour management decision West Coast Reduction Ltd. v. District Director of the Greater Vancouver Regional District (BC Environmental Appeal Board, March 8, 2010). Ms. Akelaitis also works in permitting, compliance, defending environmental prosecutions and environmental assessment regulatory and litigation issues. She appeared as co-counsel in the B.C. Environmental Appeal Board case Worthington MacKenzie Inc. and Daniel Alexander White v. Director, Environmental Management (January 19, 2010). Ms. Akelaitis has also had significant experience working in foreign tort issues concerning environmental law matters.


Jason Wilkins, Technical Expert and Principle, Legacy Environmental Ltd., Vancouver, BC. Mr. Wilkins has over 20 years of experience expertly focused on contaminated sites investigation and remediation. His expert knowledge of contaminated sites in BC is demonstrated by his Contaminated Sites Approved Professional (CSAP) designation under the Environmental Management Act and Contaminated Sites Regulation (CSR). Mr. Wilkins routinely provides senior technical and regulatory reviews of investigation and remediation projects for all levels of government agencies, and for industrial and commercial clients. He regularly provides strategic advice to clients and their representatives in relation to successfully and expeditiously navigating the federal, provincial and municipal permitting and approvals processes. Through his CSAP designation he is afforded the privilege of providing recommendations to the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy on both regulatory and technical applications for legal instruments under the CSR, including contaminates sites determinations, approvals in principle for remediation, certificates of compliance and pre-approvals and development permit releases. In addition, Mr. Wilkins also provides expert professional opinions for the Supreme Court of BC.



Tony Crossman, Partner, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP, Vancouver, BC. Tony Crossman is a leading expert in Canadian environmental law with contaminated sites litigation and advisory experience. He has over 25 years of advising clients on identifying, managing and solving contamination issues, which includes work on sites in Canada, the US and Australia. He has worked on projects in the Canadian provinces and territories of British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nova Scotia.


David Mitchell, Principal, Senior Engineer, Active Earth Engineering Ltd., Vancouver, BC. David is a registered Professional Engineer and graduate of the University of British Columbia, with a degree in Geological Engineering. He is a Principal Senior Engineer with Active Earth Engineering Ltd. David has over 20 years of experience in environmental assessment and multidisciplinary remediation projects for a wide variety of clients including developers, private investors, financial institutions, federal and provincial governments and First Nations. David has obtained a large number of regulatory approvals across the province for a wide variety of projects. David has served on the CSAP Performance Assessment and Professional Development committees.


Una Radoja, Partner, Harper Grey LLP, Vancouver, BC. In her commercial litigation and dispute resolution practice, Una acts as counsel on a variety of matters, ranging from contractual and shareholder disputes, to professional negligence claims. On the environmental front, Una’s practice is focused on risk management and cost recovery claims. She is recognized as a leading expert in the BC’s ever-changing contaminated sites legal landscape. She routinely advises commercial property owners, developers, and other businesses on minimizing environmental risk arising from ownership of and operations on contaminated land. She represents clients in their applications for orders and instruments, including approvals in principle and certificates of compliance. Una works extensively on litigation matters related to recovery of remediation costs pursuant to the Environmental Management Act, as well as appeals before the Environmental Appeal Board.


Andrew Sorensen, Principal, Senior Environmental Engineer, Thurber Engineering Ltd., Vancouver, BC. Andrew is an Environmental Engineer with over 20 years of consulting experience and is certified by the Province as a Contaminated Sites Approved Professional. He is a Principal with Thurber and the technical lead for their environmental operations in BC. Andrew provides expert advice to clients regarding the Contaminated Sites Regulation typically in the context of land redevelopment, permitting, capital construction, soil relocation, and liability assessment.