Construction projects are costly, and unintended, overlooked or unforeseen events and contingencies can lead to cost inflation, frustration and wasted time. When this happens, the ultimate losers are both parties to the construction project. Fortunately, proactive and innovative contract models are evolving in the US and Canada which address these effects and their main causes, including the development and implementation of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) contract models. How and when to engage these leading practices is essential to the lifecycle success of most projects for the project team, corporate team and all parties.

This program will equip you with tools to identify, reduce and address common problems arising throughout the construction process. You will leave knowing how IPD works to lower project costs for the owner, reduce loss of productivity, costs and related claims, and at the same time provide real incentives and rewards for project participants, including the designer, the construction manager, contractors, trades and suppliers.
This forum features some of North America’s top experts in the field of construction claim analysis and the preeminent global practitioner of Integrated Project Delivery to provide you with cutting-edge advice for addressing the most pressing issues facing the construction industry today.