A better way to fight crime is a community effort.

The successes with collaborative partnerships between police and communities mark a very different way to deal with social and justice challenges.

This Symposium is designed to assist police and communities in starting and sustaining effective collaborative partnerships that can explore the critical connections between crime and health, employment, housing, poverty, education, addictions and mental health to ensure timely interventions to produce sustainable impacts on community safety. Partnerships enable all participants to appreciate that more than the police and legal tools are required to produce effective outcomes and to experience how strong relationships create strong communities.

Social financing may offer a vital new source of independent funding for partnerships and create a capacity that may dramatically change outcomes and empower partnerships to achieve together what no one can alone.

PURPOSE: This Symposium will engage participants to:

1. Explore effective responses that work in building partnerships
2. Produce a set of practical best practices to support partnerships among all sectors of the community to engage their collective resources in responding to the challenges families and communities confront in becoming safer and healthier
3. Generate strategies to overcome barriers to collaborative community partnerships
4. Consider innovative uses of social financing to provide sustainable independent funding for community based partnerships

This Symposium will draw best practices from collaborative community based partnerships and smart justice initiatives from across Canada and in the United States.

All policing interventions, from small isolated Aboriginal communities to large urban centres will benefit from collaborative partnerships to realize outcomes that are preventive and restorative.

Learn how to develop partnerships to respond to a wide range of social justice issues. Collaborative partnerships have and can be adapted to a wide range of social issues in many different settings.