Essential Tools for Disability Planning and Practice

Disability or incapacity can arise at any stage of the life-cycle, and present unique planning considerations and opportunities. Many practitioners face new issues specific to disabled and aging clients and their family members. This rapidly evolving area of law presents new focuses and challenges for lawyers, financial professionals and support persons who care for or interact with the disabled. It is imperative that these advisors and network members stay ahead of the curve on the most commonly faced issues.

PBLI’s comprehensive one day program on disability planning and practice will provide you with the tools you need to navigate this developing area. You will learn how to best plan for the future, and which programs and benefits are available for current and ongoing support. Our multidisciplinary panel of experts will update you on the current state of the law as well as developing trends and upcoming changes, and will equip you with constructive advice and best practices for advising in this tricky area.