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A Water Gathering: Collaborative Watershed Governance in BC and Beyond

Imagine engaging all interests and governments in an effective collaborative process that successfully responds to the challenges and opportunities of watershed governance. This is the primary purpose for gathering key players working on and interested in collaborative watershed governance. This gathering is not a conference but a shared exploration of how to build and maintain successful collaborative processes to govern our watersheds. The gathering is designed to yield practical results, to build new and strengthen existing networks in watershed governance, and to provide participants with knowledge and practical skills that will benefit current collaborative processes. The goal is to share participants’ collective experiences and, in workshops, engage those with widely-recognized expertise in addressing practical challenges.

The Solutions Forum

The growing threats to water quality and quantity in Canada are a stark reminder that the current regulatory models for governing water resources are insufficient. Current models pose a challenge in responding to changing resource demands. There is a need for open, deliberate models that permit those who are affected to have a say in decision-making -  this is the foundation of successful collaborative watershed governance. New problem solving strategies that begin by clearly indicating roles and responsibilities, and also allow for - and indeed promote - innovative processes, opportunities for meaningful engagement and the development of new approaches to governance are critically needed. Collaboration is fundamental to these strategies and offers the potential to build adaptability and resilience in our watersheds.

This forum was designed with the belief that new collaborative governance approaches are within reach. The forum will call on successful stories of change, examine what can be done and describe how models built on best practices can be implemented. The forum will play a key role in building Canada's collective capacity to effectively engage, collaborate and avoid conflict in watershed governance.

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