Most Canadian businesses are operated by private corporations. The legal and taxation environment in which private corporations operate is complex, but had been fairly well settled and understood. On July 18, 2017, the federal Minister of Finance dropped a bomb into this environment, proposing policy changes that would dramatically change the way private companies and their owners are taxed. While the Minister later scaled back the proposals, ideas rarely die completely and the ideas reflected in the Minister’s Consultation Paper may well be resurrected. Added to the environment of change are important new pronouncements from the courts, making it more essential than ever for professionals and operators of private corporations to remain on top of the many new challenges and issues.

At this conference, our expert faculty will take you through the impact of new tax rules and proposals, and will equip you with tools to effectively navigate these situations and avoid unintended tax consequences. You will gain insight into the areas where planning techniques will need to be changed, and learn which tax effective measures are still available, both at the planning stage and where unintended tax consequences have occurred.