“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Business is becoming more global than ever; technology has impacted all aspects of commerce and the construction industry is evolving. Different practices and approaches from around the world are influencing local projects in significant ways and previous approaches to problem solving are no longer sufficient. While few would disagree that it’s foolish to repeat ineffective actions, change requires foresight, creativity and above all knowledge. Those working in the construction industry or providing advice and services must understand the ways in which projects are evolving in order to succeed in this new environment.

Featuring industry leaders and experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of some of the most significant changes and challenges underway today, this program will equip you with tools to identify innovations coming to the construction industry and how best to face and respond to these disruptions to reduce and address problems arising throughout the construction process. Attendees will come away with essential tools and strategies to take advantage of the opportunities in this exciting market, and a proactive and informed approach to both project planning and dispute resolution that can save your budget and avoid protracted delays, litigation or relationship breakdowns.