In ordinary times, the majority of construction projects go over-time and over-budget, and issues arising along the way can derail the steady progression of plans. Add to that the massive implications of the current pandemic crisis, and it is certainly not “business as usual” for the construction industry.

New circumstances require a new way of looking at the project lifecycle. A proactive and informed approach to project planning, implementation and dispute resolution can save your budget and avoid protracted delays, litigation or relationship breakdowns. Featuring industry leaders and experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of some of the most significant challenges for construction projects today, this conference provides a comprehensive framework for planning and monitoring for success and is essential for lawyers and construction professionals who seek to ensure that their projects proceed effectively, efficiently and on budget. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the best ways to approach a new construction project to meet their specific needs and circumstances, as well as useful tools to identify, reduce and address problems arising throughout the process, including economic and other impacts brought about by COVID-19.