The family business structure is the main form of enterprise for the vast majority of businesses operating in Canada, and practical and financial impacts of the COVID-19 crisis continue to have profound and far reaching effects on their operation and sustainability. Family businesses of all sizes need to carefully evaluate their circumstances and take steps to ensure they are in the strongest possible position moving forward. As demographics and the business landscape continue to shift, the focus on effective tax and succession planning will be paramount for owners and families alike, and it is more essential than ever for professionals and operators in this area to remain on top of the many challenges and issues faced by family businesses today.

This program focuses on technical and complex issues relating to the protection and transfer of wealth in family business situations, with an emphasis on the unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in. Our expert faculty will take you through the impacts of the pandemic on family business and equip you with practical and effective strategies you can directly utilize in your practice. You will learn the best planning techniques and structures that best preserve wealth and protect family interests in the face of an unstable market, impending succession, resultant taxes and other complicated family dynamics.