When establishing a trust, the settlor or will-maker must carefully decide who will act as trustee. It is then incumbent on the advising practitioner to ensure that the trust deed sets the chosen trustee up for success. A proactively drafted trust will prepare the trustee to handle any challenges they face while carrying out their duties, while also protecting the beneficiaries during any trustee or trust transitions that may occur. Throughout the life cycle of the trust, a well-advised trustee will be able to efficiently manage the trust property, diligently carry out the settlor’s wishes, dutifully report to the beneficiaries, and confidently make difficult decisions.

This program will ensure that practitioners are well positioned to advise the trustee at all stages of the trust’s life cycle. Our expert faculty will leave delegates with important insights and practical advice, applicable to those drafting wills and trusts, advising trustees during the lifetime of the trust, and acting as trustees.