UPDATE - Supreme Court of Canada Recognizes Métis Rights
The Manitoba Métis Federation and Daniels Decisions

This has been a monumental year for Métis rights – the Supreme Court of Canada, in the landmark case Manitoba Métis Federation Inc. v. Canada (Attorney General), found that the Crown failed to implement the land grant provision under the Manitoba Act of 1870; and the Federal Trial Court in Daniels v. Canada made a historic declaration that Métis and Non-status Aboriginal peoples are “Indians” within the meaning of section 91(24) of the Constitution Act, 1867. What do these two ground-breaking rulings mean for Métis and Aboriginal peoples in Canada?

Attending this Forum gives you the opportunity to learn exactly what these historic rulings signify

The Manitoba Métis Federation decision opens the door to a host of new considerations:

This Forum brings together the integral figures involved in both the Daniels and the Manitoba Métis Federation cases as well as nationally recognized experts in the areas of Métis rights, consultation and accommodation law, constitutional law, and Aboriginal law. Over two days, panels of experts will take you through each decision step-by- step and provide insight into the nuances and broader implications of each decision and how the cases together will impact both Métis and Aboriginal rights.