Tab 1

PowerPoint Presentation: Basics of Real Estate Taxation
Sam Liang, Liang Tax Lawyers, Vancouver, BC
20 Slides

Tab 2

PowerPoint Presentation: Structuring the Deal
Sindy Wong, Smythe LLP, Vancouver, BC
Maggie Puhacz, Smythe LLP, Vancouver, BC
36 Slides

Tab 3

PowerPoint Presentation: Structuring the Deal: Part II
Ron Dueck, Farris LLP, Vancouver, BC
Rebecca Cynader, Farris LLP, Vancouver, BC
55 Slides

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PowerPoint Presentation: Dispositions of Real Estate
Michelle Moriartey, Legacy Tax + Trust Lawyers, Vancouver, BC
Laura Peach, Legacy Tax + Trust Lawyers, Vancouver, BC
35 Slides

Tab 5

PowerPoint Presentation: GST/HST and PST Considerations
Terry G. Barnett, Thorsteinssons LLP, Toronto, ON
39 Slides

Tab 6

PowerPoint Presentation: Provincial/Municipal Taxes
Alexander Demner, Thorsteinssons LLP, Vancouver, BC
39 Slides