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Trustee Responsibilities and Protections
John Smith, Lawson Lundell LLP, Vancouver, BC
32 Pages

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PowerPoint Presentation: Recent Legal Developments
Murray Campbell, Lawson Lundell LLP, Vancouver, BC
36 Slides

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PowerPoint Presentation: BCFSA: Pension Update
Michael J. Peters, BC Financial Services Authority, Vancouver, BC
35 Slides

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PowerPoint Presentation: Review of the Solvency Funding Framework under the Pension Benefit Standards Act
Cynthia Callahan-Maureen, BC Ministry of Finance, Victoria, BC
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PowerPoint Presentation: Group Benefits for Active Members Aged 65+
Nick Gubbay, Eckler Ltd. Vancouver, BC
28 Slides

Newsletter: Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario Finds Discontinuing Employee Benefits at Age 65 Violates Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Eckler Ltd. Vancouver, BC
3 Pages

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PowerPoint Presentation: BC Target Benefit Plan Plan - Where Are We Now?
Laura O'Neill, BC Target Benefit Pension Plan, Vancouver, BC
31 Slides